Ellie Richold - 2019

Duration: 14'

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Written and directed by Ellie Richold
Produced by Olympia Kappou
Director of Photography - Paul McKenna
Edited by Ronit Meranda & Madeeha Hassan
Sound design - Tim Bamber

Naomi Cranston
Ony Uhiara


VS1 Productions - 2016

Language: British Sign Language with English subtitles
Duration: 10'

Distribution by NQV Media

Lucy and Johanna are on their honeymoon. Johanna is partially, and Lucy profoundly, Deaf. They arrive at a B&B where they are greeted by a sullen landlady. They are both annoyed with her demeanour, albeit on different levels. The nature of signing allows them to be carefree about quarrelling in public. A seemingly insignificant disagreement turns into a hurtful argument, as the noise of the weir dominates the background.

Written, directed and edited by Ronit Meranda
Produced by David Ellington - VS1 Productions
Director of Photography - Louie Blystad-Collins
Location sound - Jon Price
Assistant Director - Rosa Galvin
Production Design - Joshua Wakley
Sound design - Tim Bamber

Lynn Stewart-Taylor
Lara Steward
Catherine Guy

Honeymoon | Trailer (short film - 2016)

Mbeu Yosintha (Seeds of Change)

Purple Field Productions & YONECO - 2014

Language: Chichewa with English subtitles
Duration: 58'

Mbeu Yosintha is a one hour long educational drama. The film aims to raise awareness and encourage debate in rural communities in Malawi. Focusing on colourful characters in a rural village the film’s themes deal with new farming methods to cope with lack of rains, deforestation, domestic violence and female empowerment and unemployment.

Director: Colin Stevens
Director of Photography: Nick Oakley
Editor: Ronit Meranda
Sound: Tim Bamber